Smartcart is an innovative personal shopping assistant, which helps you in your everyday shopping dilemmas. With Smartcart you can easily find special offers, products and new recipes. The product search feature was designed to help locate items inside grocery store and with our navigation feature it's easy to find them from the store map. Smartcart makes grocery shopping easier and faster than ever before!


Navigate your way around the store to find all the products you are looking for.

Our store-specific map helps in finding and collecting products. Based on the store map, you can see your own location, as well as the location of the missing items.


Bring your own or create one on the go!

Create a new shopping list for yourself or simply just transfer products from our recipe bank to your shopping list. Now you can also integrate your shopping list from K-Ruoka mobile app to our Smartcart product.


Search items or locate products from your shopping list.

Using our app you can easily find lost products or locate products already on your shopping list. All product information from K-Supermarket & K-Citymarket is integrated to our Smartcart system. This product search feature is specifically handy when you're shopping in a market that is all new for you. And if you can't find you favorite item, simply notify the storekeeper and hopefully next time you'll find your favorites from the selection!


We have over 6000 recipes for you to choose from!

Simple and quick solution to all those people who don't know what to make for dinner and for those, who simply just need a new inspiration for cooking now and then.


Be sure to never miss a bargain!

Find store-specific special offers and local advertising information on your Smartcart. This feature helps you to find the newest products on the market and hottest offers from the storekeeper - never miss a bargain, find new products and simply just save some money! With Smartcart you are always aware of the newest and hottest products there is on the market.


See the nutrient content of selected products.

This is a vital tool, especially for those who are following a specific diet or the ones who have allergies and are interested in knowing the content of products.

What is coming next?


Identify products by showing them to the camera. With EAN-code reader you are soon able to observe price information and other valuable data. In the future EAN-code reader will be part of our checkout option.


The most wanted single feature that is under development is the mobile phone integration. With this feature you can easily transfer your shopping list from your mobile phone before going into the store and starting shopping!


Scan product barcodes while shopping and save time! At the cashier majority of the time is spent reading/scanning barcodes and packing. What if this could be done already while collecting the items in-store? What an easy way to control your budget!