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What is Smartcart?

Smartcart is a Finnish technology company focusing on Point-of-Sale Marketing, Advertising and In-Store Services. We offer intelligent shopping cart solutions for retail & grocery trade that will revolutionize the shopping experience to a new digital era. Navigation, product search, shopping list, product information, over 6000 recipes, special offers and new product information are features that are designed to help customers with small but important everyday shopping dilemmas. Smartcart is a versatile personal shopping assistant that was created just for simple demands – to make shopping a bit easier, fun and faster. We strongly believe that the future of retail is in digital solutions and we are constantly working towards making our services even better and more comprehensive and to be the pioneers on the new generation shopping carts and on digital retail services. Future of retail is Smartcart.


How it all began

Smartcart was founded in 2014 and is owned by a group of retail and marketing professionals. The original idea was born after Smartcart’s CEO, Petteri’s phone fell and broke while he was browsing through the shopping list on his phone. He began to think that there must be a better solution for reading your shopping list; one not involving your hands constantly scrolling the list or entering the lock passcode. What if the handle of the shopping cart would have a ready solution, accessible to every visitor, regardless of the type of their mobile phone or whether or not they have it with them at all? Well, there wasn't any such solution and so the story of Smarcart began. During years 2015-2016 we worked with our technology and concept pilot in Finland. By the end of 2017 we will be operating in over 50 stores in Finland and in summer 2017 we started our first international pilot in South America.



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