Smartcart is a Finnish technology company with a primary focus on making life better. The company was founded in 2014 with the intent to provide easy-to-use intelligent shopping carts for retail with an integrated tablet and interface specifically tailored for each location. Smartcart helps customers with floorplans, locating products & searches, store info and even suggestions based on your location within the store. Smartcart can be tailored for every unique location. An integrated device and fully autonomous shopping cart - your personal shopping assistant.


View the location of your shopping cart and the products from your shopping list


Easily search available products and see the newest and hottest items


Browse through over 6000 inspiring recipes


Add products or ingredients from recipes to your shopping list and also integrate your shopping list from K-Ruoka mobile app


Check the nutrient content of selected product


Find out about store-specific special offers and local advertising information


How to locate products?

One of the most common dilemma while shopping is where to actually find your products. We have an easy solution for this - our NAVIGATION feature; with our store-specific map you can see your shopping cart location as well as the location of all the items you are searching for. With Smartcart finding items around the shop is quick and easy.

How to notice special offers?

Finding SPECIAL OFFERS or actually noticing the local marketing information can be a tricky thing at the grocery store, as the information overflow is usually quite lavishing. Smartcart is your solution for finding those specially priced items - scroll them all through just with a couple of clicks and never miss an offer again!

What should we eat today?

What to prepare for dinner? What should we eat today? These must be the most common questions on all of our daily shoppers' lips. Smartcart contains over 6000 RECIPES that are downloaded to our database. So when you need some new inspiration or simply just don't know what to eat - Smartcart is there to help you.

"Innovative and useful invention"

"We believe Smartcart will sail forward
in this shopping cart revolution"

"Smartcart is an easy help for everyday grocery shopping.
With its extensive recipe bank I find it easy to
solve even the most commonly repeating problems,
eg. What´s for dinner today?"

"On the next development process, we are going to publish the mobile integration -
meaning that your shopping list can be easily transferred from mobile phone to our Smartcart-tablet.
We are also working on with features like user identification and checkout option.
Future of shopping will be that items are beings scanned and transferred to shopping cart
while shopping."

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Latest News


Smartcarts to be updated with Scandit computer vision

Europe’s leading manufacturer of intelligent shopping carts and digital retail infrastructure, Smartcart Ltd, are in the process of transforming their unique shopping carts into personal payment terminals. Smartcarts will be updated with top-of-the-line barcode scanning by Swiss IT pioneers Scandit, adding a new dimension to an already slick shopping experience. One of Smartcart’s pivotal goals is to bring the benefits of self-checkout to the shopping cart itself. A key funct


Smartcart Ltd doubles turnover in 2018

Europe’s leading manufacturer of intelligent shopping carts and retail infrastructure, Finnish start up Smartcart Ltd, doubled its financial turnover as well as amount of retail stores supplied with Smartcarts during 2018. All while maintaining a constant customer satisfaction rate of almost 90 %. 2019 will be Smartcart’s year of international scaling and new partnerships. "We’re really satisfied with our accomplishments on the domestic market so far. Smartcart’s stable expan


Smartcart Ltd and Kuusakoski Group enter international recycling partnership

Leading European manufacturer of digitalized shopping carts, Smartcart Ltd, is joining forces with global recycling company, Kuusakoski Group, in order to make 99% of Smartcart's waste either re-usable or re-cyclable. Smartcart’s mission includes cutting down on traditional advertising done by paper and plastics inside traditional retail stores in order to enhance sustainable development. By re-using and re-cycling devices and material results in less need for mining industr


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